Exclusive right and protection

The patent holder has the right to prohibit third parties from using, making, offering, marketing and importing the invention. Pursuant to the applicable laws and regulations, patent protection is exclusive and is granted to inventions that fulfil jointly the three criteria: novelty, inventive step (inventions cannot be obvious) and industrial application. Thus, an invention may be machines, mechanisms, systems, production lines, technologies, electronic systems, formulae and recipes. A patent is transferable and inheritable.

Legal assistance

The protection of patents

One of the key areas of the Patent Office’s activity is the protection of patents. We offer comprehensive legal assistance with obtaining patents. We perform thorough patent examinations, among others in the field of mechanics, electronics and chemistry, and prepare patentability opinions. We develop patent application documentation in the domestic procedure before the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, in the European procedure before the European Patent Office and in the international procedure before the Office of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). We monitor time limits for payment of official fees at home and abroad. We make changes to domestic and foreign registrations. We prepare opinions in patent infringement and unfair competition cases. We handle litigations relating to patent protection.

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